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Get financing for your investment property with confidence. West Forest Capital provides rapid funding solutions for your property ventures in Duval, offering hard money loans up to $5 million. Our fast service is what makes us the go-to lender in Florida, so you’re always a step ahead.
  • We are a direct lender, not a broker
  • Same day pre-approval
  • Funding in 3-5 days, although 1 day is possible
  • Loan amounts up to $5 million

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Property Types

Lending Parameters

Loan Size$100,000 - $3,000,000
Loan to ValueUp to 80%
Primary ResidenceNot accepted
Rental statusRented preferred but not required (can use market rents)
TermUp to 30 years
FormatFixed or Variable available
RateVaries by product, correlation with Treasury Rates
PointsTypically 2%

Cities Covered

West Forest Capital lends in the following cities in Duval County:
  • Jacksonville
  • Atlantic Beach
  • Baldwin
  • Jacksonville Beach
  • Neptune Beach
  • Mayport

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

An experienced investor approached our firm after identifying an off-market property while contacting homeowners near another project. Despite being livable, the property demanded significant renovations, including the kitchen, floors, bathrooms, paint, roof, and HVAC system. With the support of a hard money loan, our client completed the necessary work and sold the property within nine months, realizing an impressive return of nearly 200% on their original investment.
Palm Beach Gardens

West Palm Beach, FL

Our client embarked on their first foray into the real estate sector, aiming to harness the dynamic momentum of the West Palm Beach property market and the expected increase in rents. Despite their novice status in property investment, they managed to obtain financial backing for 80% of the acquisition cost and the entirety of the refurbishment expenses. As their trusted local hard money lender, we had assessed the market and affirmed their choice of purchasing the property below its market value in that apartment complex. Following some superficial renovations, such as carpet removal and kitchen upgrades, our client successfully leased the property and proceeded to refinance with a rental loan.
West Palm Beach

Boynton Beach, FL

A strategic hard money loan in Boynton Beach enabled our client to make an attractive offer on a property, successfully beating out other buyers. Following the necessary property repairs, they had the choice to either sell or engage in conventional refinancing once it was tenant-ready. Opting for liquidity, our client sold the refurbished property to invest in a new project.
Boynton Beach

Why Use a Hard Money Loan

  1. Obtain financing fast. West Forest Capital surpasses traditional banking timelines by offering immediate hard money loan approvals in Duval County, with funding following in just 3-5 days. Expedited one-day funding is available for dire financial situations.
  2. Non-stabilized Property. If a property isn’t stabilized, traditional banks may reject financing due to factors such as the need for rehabilitation, lack of a Certificate of Occupancy (CO), or poor rental history. Nonetheless, as a hard money lender in Duval County, we specialize in providing funding solutions for these types of situations when banks are unable to do so.
  3. Poor credit. West Forest Capital recognizes that certain unavoidable life events may have led to a decline in your credit score. Therefore, we prioritize the value of the property over FICO scores or debt-to-income ratios when assessing the loan.
  4. Too many mortgages. If you find yourself exceeding the number of properties a bank will finance for you, consider using a hard money loan – we do not have a limit on the number of properties you can finance with us.
Why Use a Hard Money Loan
Why Choose a Duval County Hard Money Lender

Why Choose a Duval Hard Money Lender

As a leading hard money lender operating across Duval County, we pride ourselves on our speed and ease of service. From Bartram Park to Avondale, our familiarity with the local real estate landscape has enabled us to provide loans for a variety of properties—including residential, mixed-use, and industrial properties—in areas such as Riverside and San Marco.

Our expertise in the area extends to the suburbs where we have successfully financed properties irrespective of any credit challenges. Whether you’re seeking funding for a fix and flip, cash-out refi or for special-use cases such as Airbnb properties, we are uniquely positioned to support your financial needs.

Financing your Duval Investment Property

Financing your Duval Investment Property

A rise in the Duval populace has been matched by a wave of corporate entries, signifying a shift from an established economy to a robust multi-industry stronghold featuring tech, health, and education sectors. Additionally, Duval’s quality of life appeal, matched with business and corporate opportunities is not commonly seen in major cities. Real estate investors have met development needs and have commonly used hard money loans to secure real estate in this competitive market.

Asset-backed Lender Focused on Customized Solutions

Asset-backed Lender Focused on Customized Solutions

West Forest Capital offers a deep understanding of the Duval County real estate market and with that insight, we provide privately funded hard money loans. Our loans are asset-value-based which can, in some cases, cover the full amount of the property purchase and its subsequent rehabilitation.

Our standard loan is one year in length but can be increased to an industry-leading three-year hard money loan, designed for investors seeking an extendable timeframe for property stabilization. This is an effective alternative that falls in between short-term hard money and long-term conventional or “rental” loans.

Reach out to us to discuss your real estate investment scenario in Duval County. We work with both property owners and real estate brokers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike traditional banks that are more rigid in their lending practices, hard money lenders operate as private, asset-focused financing sources. They give priority to the value of the property rather than the borrower’s credit history. The approval process with a hard money lender is notably faster, typically allowing for funding to take place within just one week – a significant time-saving compared to the several months it often takes for bank loans. This quick turnaround makes hard money lenders a favorite among real estate investors, particularly those looking to purchase foreclosed properties requiring prompt transaction conclusion. Additionally, hard money lenders are willing to finance certain properties that don’t meet typical banking requirements like having a Certificate of Occupancy. They are also an ideal option for individuals working on their credit since a low FICO score won’t necessarily disqualify a potential borrower from securing a loan.

Hard money lenders exclusively provide loans for investment real estate and do not offer mortgages for residential purposes. Properties financed by hard money lenders are intended for investment purposes only and cannot be used as primary residences.

The primary appeal of hard money loans lies in their accessibility and speed, contrasting with the longer processes associated with bank-provided mortgages. This is reflected in the higher interest rates attached to these loans, which vary from 10% to 12%, coupled with the points—ranging from 1 to 3—charged upon loan initiation. With a duration that doesn’t usually extend beyond two years, these loans are designed with two principal components: the financing portion for acquisition, which is often set between 65-85% of the property’s acquisition price, and the renovation portion, which may fund up to the entirety of the modernization costs; this is, however, contingent on the project needing renovation. Should there be such a requirement, funds are issued in arrears once a specified stretch of work is finished. For illustration, a $50,000 renovation estimate would result in increment funding, such as $15,000 after the $15,000 work tranche is completed. To mitigate risk, hard money lenders limit the aggregate loan value —the sum of purchase financing and renovation financing— to a maximum of 65% of the enhanced property value, commonly known as the ARV.

Ordinary persons are not the recipients of hard money loans—these are strictly for LLC entities due to their status as commercial loans. But setting up an LLC is a streamlined process, perfectly manageable even for solo participants.

When contemplating lending decisions, hard money financiers assess the initial market price relative to the potential ARV to protect their investments. A property is more enticing for a loan when its pricing aligns with or drops below the current market rate. A loan that encompasses renovation funding demands keen oversight to ensure timelines are met. A loan cannot proceed unless the property or the borrowing entity has no legal hindrances.

For hard money lenders, part of their due diligence is making sure the deal not only repays but provides profit, ensuring the ARV accounts for all investment facets.

Common scenarios where a hard money loan is employed include:

  • For fast transactions like fix and flips, hard money loans help purchase and renovate properties that banks avoid, quickly selling to a buyer.
  • Acquire and repair non-bankable properties to rent out, then refinance at a better rate once it’s tenant-occupied and stabilized.
  • Use hard money loans for swift real estate acquisitions, perfect for time-sensitive deals like foreclosure auctions.
  • Hard money lenders can fund purchases within a week, bypassing the lengthy process traditional banks require.
  • Get quick cash-out refinancing by using owned property as leverage, without the wait.
  • Refinance an expiring mortgage swiftly using a hard money loan to avoid due-date pressures.
  • Purchase properties under an LLC using hard money loans, a go-to option when banks decline to finance non-personally owned assets.

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