A hard money loan is simply a short-term loan that is used to acquire investment properties to rehab and either flip for resale or rent.

A hard money loan allows a real estate investor to finance acquisition and renovation costs. Hard money loans also close much quicker and have much less qualification and documentation requirements compared to conventional loans. This allows investors to have capital available when its needed fast and maximize returns on projects.

We typically close loans within 10 days, but can close in 3-4 days if required.  We are known as one of the fastest closing lenders in the industry.

Because we lend on the asset, we do not have requirements for high FICO scores.  We understand that life as a real estate investor or other circumstances sometimes cause lower credit scores.  Although we prefer to fund borrowers with a 600+ FICO score, we can certainly fund your project if your score is below that – talk to us and we will work with you.

Yes! We can pre-approve you the same day in many cases.  Please reach out to us if you need a pre-approval letter.

Yes! In fact, we can sometimes fund 100% of your rehab costs.  The way the funding process works is simple: you complete a portion of the project, we send an inspector to review it, and we then distribute the funds for the completed work.  The entire process takes 2-3 days.

We provide extensions up to 6 months, and longer on a case by case basis.  We understand the timeframe complexities when rehabbing or building a new project – we will work with you.

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