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Introducing West Forest Capital – your trusted hard money lender. We specialize in financing real estate investments, providing loans up to $5 million. Our reputation as the fastest hard money lender is well-earned, as we understand the importance of time in our competitive real estate market. Here’s why you should choose us:

  • We are a direct lender, eliminating the need for brokers
  • Get pre-approved on the same day
  • Funding typically takes 3-12 days, but we can expedite it to just 1 day
  • Loan amounts available up to $5 million.
  • Experience a seamless lending process with West Forest Capital.

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Property Types

Our diverse portfolio includes investment properties in the following categories:

Lending Parameters

Loan Size$100,000 to $5,000,000
LTCUp to 80% of purchase price
Rehab Funding 100%
LTVUp to 70% of the ARV
TermStandard is 12 months. 24-36 months is available
LienFirst lien; second lien as additional collateral only
Interest Rate 10%–12.5%
Points1.5–2% of the loan amount

Counties Covered

West Forest Capital provides lending services in the following counties:

  • Hudson County
  • Bergen County
  • Passaic County
  • Essex County
  • Morris County
  • Sussex County
  • Warren County
  • Union County
  • Somerset County
  • Middlesex County
  • Hunterdon County
  • Mercer County
  • Monmouth County
  • Burlington County
  • Ocean County
  • Atlantic County
  • Cape May County

Read more about getting a hard money loan in the following areas:

Northern NJCentral NJ,  Jersey Shore

Recently Funded Hard Money Loans in Florida

Palm Beach Gardens , FL​

Palm Beach Gardens , FL

Our client is an experienced investor in the Palm Beach County area and found this off-market home after contacting homeowners in the vicinity of another project.  While the home was livable, it was not updated, and needed significant repairs (kitchen, floors, bathrooms, paint, roof, HVAC).  Utilizing a Palm Beach County hard money loan in Palm Beach Gardens, our client completed the work and sold the home in a 9 months period, yielding nearly a 200% gain on his original investment.

West Palm Beach, FL

West Palm Beach, FL

This was our client’s first real estate deal.  Our client sought to take advantage of the momentum in West Palm Beach’s real estate market and anticipated rent increases in the area.   Although this was a new real estate investor, they received 80% of the purchase price and 100% of the rehab costs.  As a local Palm Beach hard money lender in West Palm Beach, we were comfortable that our client was buying below market in this building.  After doing cosmetic repairs (primarily removing the carpet and updating the kitchen), our client found a great tenant and refinanced into a rental loan.

Boynton Beach, FL​

Boynton Beach, FL

Our client obtained a Palm Beach County hard money loan in Boynton Beach to booster his offer for the property which beat out several other offers with conventional financing.  After the needed repairs were completed, the exit strategy was flexible: either a sale or a conventional refinancing once the property was stabilized and rented. Ultimately, our client came across another fix and flip opportunity and elected to sell the rehabbed original property to raise cash for a down payment on the next deal.

Why Use a Hard Money Loan

  1. Get Fast Funding: Approval and funding within days, even in emergencies!
  2. Finance Challenging Properties: We fund properties overlooked by traditional banks, including those in need of rehab or lacking necessary certifications.
  3. Credit-Friendly Loans: We prioritize property value over credit scores and debt ratios when considering loan approval.
  4. Flexible Ownership Options: Avoid personal loans with our option to own properties through LLCs or if you have multiple properties. Hard money loans are the solution.
Loan in Newark
Loan in Newark
Get Loan in Newark
Get Loan in Newark

Why Choose a Newark Private Money Lender?

In 2013, we started granting loans and have since become a trusted private money lender. Our knowledge of local areas like Elizabeth, Rahway, and Newark allows us to navigate rent regulations with ease. Additionally, we can assist you in obtaining permits in Planview, Newark, and Union City, if necessary. We are familiar with the distinctions between the Oranges and can give you an authentic description of the Jersey Shore. Lastly, we have a preferred pizza spot in Passaic that we highly recommend!

Financing your Newark Investment Property

Experience the thriving real estate market, with close proximity to major cities like New York City and Philadelphia. Benefit from a strong economy driven by industries including pharmaceutical and life sciences, financial services, manufacturing, technology, and transportation.

Discover a liquid real estate market offering promising opportunities to add value and grow your investments. Partner with West Forest Capital, a trusted hard money lender, to excel in this competitive market.

Asset-backed Lender Focused on Customized Solutions

At West Forest Capital, we have extensive knowledge of the fix and flip market. This allows us to create tailored solutions for your hard money financing needs. We provide funding based on the asset’s value, which means we can even finance more than the total purchase price and rehab amount in certain cases.

Additionally, our hard money loans have the longest term available on the market – 3 years. This makes them perfect for buy and hold investors.

Contact us or apply for a loan today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Private money lenders are an alternative to traditional banks for mortgage loans. They focus more on the property itself rather than the borrower’s qualifications. This means that approval and funding can happen within a week, compared to the months it may take with a bank. Private money lenders are especially useful for real estate investors purchasing foreclosures at auctions, where fast financing is required. They also fund properties that banks might not, such as those without a Certificate of Occupancy. Private money lenders are a good option for individuals with poor credit as well, as your FICO score won’t prevent you from getting a loan. Additionally, they can help refinance existing loans or provide cash out on a property. It’s important to remember that private money lenders only lend for investment purposes, not for residential mortgages.
Private money lenders provide real estate investors with quicker access to capital compared to banks and credit unions. This improves cash flow for rehab projects. Although private lenders generally have higher interest rates, their lending criteria is more flexible than that of banks and credit unions. Additionally, they offer faster application processing, making them accessible even for those with lower credit scores.

Obtain funding for your real estate rehab projects with private money loans. No credit score or income requirements means more investors can qualify. Here are the qualifications for a private money loan:

  • Down Payment: Use your down payment as collateral, ranging from 20% to 40% depending on the property type. Calculate based on the Loan-To-Value ratio. For example, if the property is $400K and the LTV is 75%, your down payment would be $100K.
  • Appraisal: West Forest Capital will order the appraisal.
  • Insurance Policy: West Forest Capital should be listed as the loss payee and additional insured.
  • Builder’s Risk Insurance: Required for extensive rehab projects.
  • Lender Title Insurance: West Forest Capital will be the beneficiary.
  • Credit Score: While a FICO score of 600+ is preferred, projects can still be funded with a lower score.

Get pre-approved the same day you apply! Call 212-537-5833 or text 917-267-9523 for your pre-approval letter.

Private money loans can help in various situations:

  • They can be used to acquire and renovate properties that traditional banks might reject due to credit issues or the property’s condition.
  • They offer a quick solution for refinancing an existing mortgage on a property that is reaching its maturity date.
  • You can obtain immediate cash-out refinancing by using a property you already own as collateral.
  • Private money loans are ideal for financing real estate transactions that require a fast closing, which traditional banks may not be able to accommodate.
  • They are also a great option for acquiring a property under the name of a Limited Liability Company (LLC) since traditional banks often don’t provide loans to LLCs.
We offer private money loans that cover rehab costs, including 100% funding. To get the funds, you’ll need to complete part of the project. An inspector will review the work, and once approved, we’ll distribute the funds. The whole process takes just 1-3 days.

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Interview with our client, Joscan

Meet Joscan “Jay” Garcia: the realtor and real estate investor who is revolutionizing the industry. In a captivating discussion, he reveals his secrets for success and unveils the strategies that have propelled his business to new heights. Get ready to be inspired by Jay’s insights into the world of real estate.

West Forest Capital: Welcome, Jay! We’re thrilled to have you onboard.

Jay: Thank you.

West Forest Capital: Can you share a bit about your background and how you got into real estate?

Jay: Of course. My parents were real estate investors in Venezuela, which sparked my passion for real estate. When I came here, I initially explored other industries before finding my way into real estate. I fell in love with the potential for growth and the power of partnerships.

West Forest Capital: Fantastic. Do you also work as a realtor?

Jay: Yes, I hold a real estate license. Depending on the circumstances, I offer my clients assistance in selling their properties at top dollar or I make cash offers and purchase properties myself. I also provide support to individuals facing foreclosure or other financial difficulties.

West Forest Capital: That makes sense. Regarding your own real estate investments, what is your focus and strategy? Do you lean towards fix and flip or buy and hold?

Jay: I have experience in all those areas you mentioned. My first deal with West Forest Capital was a fix and hold project, which turned into one of my rental properties. I have also successfully flipped homes in Morris County. I strive to be versatile and cover various aspects of the business.

West Forest Capital: Which areas do you primarily operate in? Apart from Morris County, are there other regions you work in?

Jay: Morris County is my main focus, but I also operate in Middlesex, Essex, and Union counties. The majority of my business is conducted in Central Jersey.

West Forest Capital: Perfect. Let’s dive into one of the projects you’ve worked on, specifically 933 Chancellor in Irvington. Can you share more details about that?

Jay: I’m incredibly grateful for the assistance West Forest Capital provided with that project. Prior to working with you, I was in talks with another hard money lender who was unable to close the deal. With the expiration date approaching, I was anxious. However, West Forest Capital was transparent from the beginning, setting clear expectations and delivering within a matter of days. Working with you was smooth and hassle-free, with no issues obtaining rehab funding or any other challenges. Your flexibility and understanding of the business made me feel confident in our collaboration.

West Forest Capital: Thank you for your kind words. We’re thrilled to hear about your positive experience. Now, let’s discuss the property itself and your strategy.

Jay: When I purchased the property, it had been vacant for seven years and was a foreclosure home. It was actually a two-family home with a basement. I had to completely renovate the basement, as well as the first and second floors. This involved new flooring, kitchens, and a new central AC and heat system. The entire property underwent a transformation, although it took longer than expected due to contractor delays and issues with permits and tests.

West Forest Capital: Looking ahead, what types of projects and investment strategies do you plan to focus on?

Jay: I prefer to stick with what I know best, which is dealing with foreclosures and focusing on buy and hold properties. My main strategy revolves around buying properties, renovating them, and then refinancing to pull out all of my invested capital. These are the types of deals I aim for.

Image provided for illustration purposes

West Forest Capital: That’s truly impressive. Your understanding of the process and ability to maximize your equity is commendable. One final question – how many properties do you currently own?

Jay: Currently, I own 4 properties. One of them was initially meant for fixing and flipping, but I decided to wholesale it instead. After purchasing it, I thought about trying out wholesaling since I had never done it before. After doing the math, I realized I would make almost the same profit as if I had fixed and flipped it. So, I currently own 4 properties, but I am about to sell one of them.

West Forest Capital: Understood.

Now, let’s talk about the brokerage side of your business. Can you discuss the types of deals you assist your clients with? Are they mainly investors or individuals looking for their primary residence?

Jay: I work with a mix of clients. I have investors, as well as individuals dealing with foreclosure.

One of my most successful stories involves a couple. Two years ago, I sold their home as a short sale. A few months ago, on the two-year anniversary of the short sale, we closed on their dream home in North Ward, Newark, which cost $830,000.

When I first met them, their financial situation was dire. They were on the brink of losing their home. But two years later, they were able to purchase their dream home in North Ward.

So, typically, I help clients in similar situations with foreclosures. Additionally, I assist people in listing their homes for sale. Most of my work revolves around listings, and I have several upcoming listings. I also work with a few retail home buyers.

West Forest Capital: That’s quite impressive, especially regarding that couple. It seems like you were able to help them not just in terms of real estate but also with their overall finances, right?

Jay: Yes, that’s correct. Before working with me, they had tried working with different attorneys and realtors, but nothing seemed to work out.

Once I started working with them, we managed to get the bank to pay off $20,000 in IRS liens and back taxes they owed. Additionally, the bank paid them $10,000 for the short sale.

We were able to provide significant help to them. I connected them with a credit repair specialist, and they followed my advice. Two years later, we closed on their dream home!

West Forest Capital: That’s fantastic!

Jay: I also wanted to mention how great it has been to refer business to your company.

I work with many investors and recently helped one of them. I had a deal that was about to expire, and I reached out to you guys over the weekend.

You were able to put the deal together and fund it by Monday. That was truly impressive! You closed the deal in just three days, and on top of that, you paid me a referral fee. I’m grateful for that.

What I appreciate about your company is that you deliver. Unlike some other lenders who promise lower rates or down payments but fail to deliver during the closing process, you guys are straightforward and reliable. It’s awesome.

West Forest Capital: Thank you! We love hearing such positive feedback!

How can people contact you?

Jay: They can reach me by email at or by calling 732-668-0770. They can also simply google my name, Jocsan Garcia.

West Forest Capital: Thank you for taking the time to chat with us today. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Jay: Thank you. It has been my pleasure.

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